GTA V Online – Played too much!

I started playing GTA V Online in June and man did I play it a bunch. I have always been a video game addict, but most I can play just a little here and there. Others I’ll play whenever I have free time for many hours, so I stop myself usually.

I’ve explored what it has to offer and spent real money to upgrade my virtual characters lifestyle. After doing lots of the missions, buying best toys, and playing versus others I’ve concluded it’s just more of the same. Theme of the game is like the song playing in it often “I don’t care anymore”. Basically fuck everyone else over and rule your environment. I’ll still game but think playing single player offline games keep me grounded.

Now seriously though the game has interfered with my programming projects lately and chess. Another reason I believe chess to be a superior game, it gives a balance and keeps you thinking. Still been playing the computer and basically maintaining my learned skills, but they need lots of work.

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