Photography – Am I even gonna?

I had a few emails in the past few months asking if I will be shooting or have content up on my stagnant site. I will say possibly a shoot sprinkled in here and there, editing content highly unlikely. I removed all my Adobe apps and the workflow in Lightroom, I did buy all the Affinity apps but they do not seem great for bulk adjusting or editing. I might edit a simple video here and there, I just have no desire for any kind of media editing otherwise. You have to remember I have done photography off and on for almost 35 years lol, that’s crazy.

So I might put some of my already processed work up, and the idea was to make new “best of” content offers and some videos which are mainly unused. However I am not sure but do have the software paid for so I think it might be a good idea. The AOS site is actually still up in its of March 2021 state that the public cannot access, some of the paid for software has expired but I can remove most of it to simplify things.

So I have thought about it, but it would be more of an archive of older work and the content would be adjusted to just simpler best of sets etc.. If I did put this site up it would be a low frequency of updates since I’m into other things right now, extra money is nice though.

So for now I will say it’s a maybe and the above info just ideas.

2 thoughts on “Photography – Am I even gonna?”

  1. Ryan please shoot more models and get AOS back up, internet sucks without your weirdness going on. I miss AOS and the grumpy shadow. The photo in this post of blonde is so amazing btw.

    PS please put more stories of model or shoot in the posts, those are my favorite.

    Amyyyyyyyyyy 😁


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