Chess – Intermediate bots defeated, onto Advanced.

These bots start at rank 1000 and end with three 1400s. David rank 1400 was the hardest of all the bots so far. I know the advanced bots are going to be extremely hard and will require deeper thinking. I am surprised I was able to beat the final 3 bots in one day due to my pace on some of the other ones. Jade took me about a week, David about 4-5 days but I played way more times.

I should play some more live games, but I am enjoying these bots just as much. I yelled at my device many times during these games, usually after making a super horrible move. I’ll get behind too much and resign and start up a new match. These bots are ruthless when they are ahead.

I believe I’ll need to keep playing these 1400 bots often, even though I beat them at least once I still need lots of improving. The lower ranked bots are a bit easier each step up you make.

So what do these bot games end up providing me with skill wise? That is tough to figure, I played some live games the other day and did notice how much more sloppy my opponents were. I wasn’t immediately so much better, it takes time to absorb all of this like anything. I have always been a “data loader” type, hit up the data buffet until I’m sick of it and then the lessons of it all come out later 😂

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