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Opinions – Link – Do people really not want to work?

I was trying to go eat at a Denny’s today and it was closed but did allow for take out orders, sign read “Short handed take out only”. Now this is no surprise at all because Covid-19 has messed up things since March 2020 in the USA. I travel all over the USA daily for my line of work and have been going into places to grab a bite but nope, closed already. Last night in fact at 7pm I went to a Popeyes to grab a chicken sandwich, nope closed.

These were both in the San Antonio, TX area, it’s like a daily occurrence now all over. I personally think the northwest states especially the Portland, Oregon area are beyond extreme stupidity, go try doing anything there and good luck.

It’s August 2021 still things are screwed up and seem to be in this weird state of nothing is very normal. Vaccine mandates, businesses closed, prices higher, no workers or shorthanded staff issues. At my job I have never seen the ass kissing like now and I have been doing it for three decades, still not really receiving any enhanced financial gain though. I literally haven’t had a vacation in 11 years, work work work the USA way.

So I got online to see what people were currently thinking about this and found a blog post I thought was a good read filled with common sense. Read the post on their site “Do people really not want to work?“. I agree with many of the points made in this linked post, the second point in the “What can you do to get more workers” was spot on to me. Stop forgetting about your current employees.

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