Chess – Sharp game says the engine vs Pierre 1500

Pierre is the 3rd 1500 bot and very tough for me, I’ve played a ton of games and lost. My beatings have been so bad I’ve been going through the earlier intermediate bots and working on getting my win percentage higher on even them. The bots can beat me most games from 1300 up, I have won but it took many games to get at least one win. BTW was the first time I used the PGN copy feature from my iPhone and was able to import the game and share it here.

I got to thinking I just need to keep running through these bots from 1100-1500 because I’m still too damn weak tactically. Good news is I am beating Jade my arch nemesis lots more now rated 1300. Anyway I have had about 5 very near wins vs Pierre, but lost because I believe my attack skills were to slow and overall I’m getting beat positionally. Here is my latest match vs Pierre where I had the material advantage but failed. I am studying this particular game more than most.

I’m white pieces, the game goes to crap for me around move 27 after I move my pawn up and move my Queen up instead of checking, click on the number to get there. I am still unsure how this game would have ended even if I changed a couple moves.

Embed of match vs Jade Bot rated 1300, this bot gave me huge headaches a few weeks ago and now I am about 40% for wins vs her. I am white pieces.

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