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Chess – Pierre Bot Rated 1500, Defeated.

It took a couple weeks of losing, but the 3rd and final rated 1500 Pierre-Bot was finally defeated. Knew I was getting very close yesterday when twice had a draw out of 4 games, that’s usually a sign for me. I studied many of these games quite often as you can see in some of my earlier posts.

Queen trade move 12, bishop king fork to rid of the bishop move 58, then sacrificed rook for passed pawn Queen promotion in better position. After that was able to promote my last pawn to a second Queen and it was game over. Definitely the hardest bot as expected thus far.

Now onto the 1600 rated bots, I have not been playing many live games just bots and completing some lessons here and there. I am in the advanced lessons and these are the ones I really need and they also put things in place from previous lessons.

I notice a higher retention and harder effort overall in these lessons since I can relate to being in the positions many times already with no awareness of all my options. I really recommend the lessons, a video then a handful of challenges after each. I know I will be studying many of them a bunch of times.

I am playing the white pieces.

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