WordPress – Plugin I have worked on a little

A watermark plugin for content on upload/folder which can be triggered by custom events such as a woocommerce sale or membership access . Main purpose to enable more security and deter content sharing by putting the purchasers email and other associated data onto the content. This data is visible and in multiple places in various sizes, these are not hidden watermarks.

You set your opacity range, sizing, coordinates, number of watermarks, output options, and some other things. The plugin triggers and creates these files and puts them into a zip file or a user based directory if its viewed on your site in a gallery, this gallery part is very tricky. Works for downloads or just viewing on the site in a gallery.

This will work for video possibly down the road, I would highly encourage people to use this plugin once I make it available that run pay sites. Personal data is only seen by the purchasing user since they are not supposed to share, but if they do then its easy to figure out who did by anyone.

It does all the work very fast, a test script I have now is hardcoded and adds up to 10 watermarks with no settings configured. It sizes decently but has had some issues on portrait shots due to some needed optimizations. Yes watermarks are unsightly and annoying, but assholes who share non public content are more annoying.

By default I have it watermarking the website url with users email “URL email@email.com date”, one of the watermarks can have a privacy statement added as well. There are other things that can be added or removed. This is still very early in the creation process, I had something similar in the past but the watermarks were low opacity and you couldn’t see them easily and it had no options.

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