Chess – Joel-BOT 1600 Defeated, so tough.

I knew it was close, a few draws in the past few days plus I have been studying my moves a few levels farther than before. It’s strange how you can “know” something but not be fully using that knowledge, it takes some time to truly understand it. Joel-BOT was way more tough than I gave credit for in the beginning, If I made even a little mistake he would make me pay for it.

So in my game I play the Queens pawn to open as white, this was not my usual e4 opening at all. I was able to get deep into the endgame with a bishop pair and more pawns on the board. Close to the end I lost a bishop in a slip up but had so many pawns to move up with a bishop and king guiding them. I had a strong feeling I was gonna win after trading my last rook with a pawn capture of his.

Anyway check out the game, I’m the white pieces. I believe my end game to be one of the best so far using the bishop to protect multiple pawns and two promoted shortly after. Next is Isabel-BOT the final 1600 bot then 1700 comes.

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