Chess – Arthur-BOT 1700 Defeated Fast.

Holy shit my recent studying has really really improved my positioning in these games, I still see my weaknesses in many areas and that’s a good thing. As long as you can see weakness you know improvements are to come if you keep studying them.

This was about my 15-20th game vs Arthur and he was very similar to some past bots, I had a handful of very close games so I knew it wouldn’t be long. I still believe Jade-BOT 1300 to be the best skill advancing bot for myself, play against her daily to see where I am at Chess wise, some days I start very crappy and she will let me know it quickly.

I studied Saturday 10+ hours of non stop Chess to more advanced mating nets, skewers, advanced checkmates 5+ moves in advanced. It will take time to fully digest and be able to put that knowledge into actual live games, but some of it is already showing. Next up is Jonas-BOT 1700 with the German flag.

I am playing the white pieces, this game had a king and pawn end game battle where moving had to be decently precise.

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