Chess – Isla-BOT been very tough, training for more.

This rated 1700 bot is hard AF, I flew past the first two 1700 bots easily. I guess I should have known once you get all cocky somebody out there is gonna check you, literally. I’ve tried a few different openings but she is brutal at defense, a couple draws and ton of end games where I just got beat. So more study, it would appear I need next level calculations and better vision. Each thing has a level of skill, it keeps rising so once you learn a tactic there’s a much harder version and so on.

I have been studying the games of M. Tal who sacrifices pieces in a combo needed to set up a checkmate, the man was a great attacker. I like this way of play because for one I’m usually defending more than attacking although I may bluff attacks which is a tactic itself to mess up positions. I definitely have been trying to step up my attacking abilities, recently I had a few very nice checkmates in live games that were more advanced than ladder mates I do often.

Started playing daily chess matches, these are very slow games where you study your positions much longer and have 24hrs or more as a move time limit for each player, games could last days-weeks. I am hoping these help me improve to the next level, my live game rating has went up to its highest of 660 pretty fast, just 340 points away from my goal of 1k. Rating will go up and down, it’s a part of the learning curve and was having a tough time in the mid 500s until I upped my training. Trying other fun Chess variants too like 960 which changes up the starting layout of the non pawn pieces for both sides.

I’ve told some people I know they should start playing Chess, but they are lazy fools and will remain lazy and stupid it appears. 😎

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