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Chess – Playing crappy on daily long format games, losing streak.

Daily games allow for moves to take 24 hours or more, these are supposed to help you think more into your moves. I like them, but for some reason I am losing my ass off thus far. I may have done too much study recently information overload or maybe need a break. Thing is I love this game so I constantly play it and also against Isla-BOT who is besting me end game style still.

Jade and Isla toughest bots I spent weeks on, Jade is 1300 but if I’m playing sloppy she will kill me otherwise I’ll win 70% of the time. Isla is 1700 and I get so close but even the slightest mistake and I am done. I am finding how bishops really should be kept up for her end games, she always tries to attack them early on with her knights.

Each time I’ve gotten close it was because I had at least one bishop up, definitely agree that a bishop on open board is worth more in the end. Each game with Isla I talk some trash before cause this bitch pisses me off so much, when I soon beat her I will be more happy than besting Jade.

Other than that I have been reading more about past Chess champions and learning their styles. I’ve taken to playing Hearthstone again, they have added some new game modes that I have yet to play much of. I prefer to make “wild” decks and play any of the older card sets though the most.

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