Chess – Nice daily win, I was trying harder.

I had a losing streak but came up with some wins, this game I calculated about 5 moves in what would be the final move 28, 3 attacks and 2 defenses if I missed something. Then ended up moving my rook to d2 instead of the planned d3, this was a last minute extra calculation that made the opponent resign immediately. I was perpetually checking his king for quite a few moves trying to get a solid disconnection of his two rooks and then setup attacks on his knight or get checkmate.

On the last move 28. Rd2+ with rook everything was pretty solid for a mate in two multiple ways, maybe even more with thought. He tried to open a spot for his light bishop earlier to put me in check and break my checking possibly but I took it out with 23. Bxf1 in what may have seemed too risky but it ended up probably being the winning early move.

I am playing the black pieces game lasted about 3 days, got my daily rating over 1000. This may have been my best calculating in a chess match thus far, think of it as covering your ass in multiple ways,

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