Chess – BOTs do seem to change difficulty.

Over the past few months I have played many of the BOTs, from the very beginning to 1800 rated so far. I will beat them on the hardest difficulty with no help, then move on to try the next harder BOT. While playing and losing to the harder BOTs I’ll go and play against the lower rated BOTs and usually win a bit easier.

Then there are times I will play a previous BOT and it seems to just get crazy hard all a sudden. Right now David-BOT 1400 just became crazy hard. I have beat him multiple times but today lost like 25 games in a row. I’m not sure what is happening but I play other matches and keep on progressing with harder BOTs. This does mess with your head a bit and I am wondering if it’s a bug somehow.

I just wish they were more consistent, I looked up this issue and see it does in fact seem to be talked about often. It’s easy to say “you just suck at Chess that day” but after months of daily grinding on these BOTs I can see a difference like night and day. Just an observation.

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