Chess – Openings, my usual and trying others.

Usually I’ll do e4 as white first and it ends up being “The Italian” after a knight and bishop move. I honestly didn’t know what it was called, just what I have been comfortable with. So I decided now was the time to start learning more about openings, my other e4 opening is the “Ruy Lopez”. These weren’t studied beyond the first 4 or so moves, again just what I naturally played.

As white I am now doing the “Queens Gambit” since the name is so popular, but as I have studied it I see why it’s one of the most popular. It has quite a few variations as well depending on opponents moves, most openings do. Then I learned the “London” another popular one that is pretty nice as well. As black I have been playing the “Caro Kann”, I actually started this one about a month ago and need to work on it lots more.

After playing about 30 games with the Queens Gambit I now see how studying the openings past the first initial moves really helps to improve your upcoming middle game. Thus by learning many multiple openings you learn how to deal with these openings better as black and overall improves positioning skills. I plan to do the Queens Gambit for most of my games for awhile, but I am working on improving my Italian as well some of the time.

The one thing I have found out about my chess skills is I am best during an end game, I have won by sacrificing and baiting a valuable piece quite a few times. If it’s pawns and a king I have the most practice with these positions and triangulation. The thing is one must first get to an end game so starting the game on a good tempo is what I am working on.

Openings I use as white

  • Italian
  • Ruy Lopez
  • Queens Gambit – current focus
  • London

Defensive openings as black, will be adding more defensive openings soon

  • Caro Kann – main defense
  • Variation of my white openings

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