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mIRC – technique v5.0b2.1script download

I made this script in the 1990’s when I played in the shadows late at night often, in early 2021 I updated it to work for the most recent version of mIRC at the time. Today I noticed mIRC version 7.67 was out and checked to see if the bare bones utility script still worked, everything is fine. Amazingly even the old version worked at about 60%, but I had to remove so many cool things due to changes in mIRC and Windows.

This is a minimalist script that basically extends the basic functionality of mIRC including a fully automated script updating system. Back in the 90s I ran a few IRC and IRCX networks so the script had many commands for the server admin if the current user was authenticated as one, most of that stuff was removed as I couldn’t test it due to not being a current admin of any IRC. Many newer networks now have a ssl authentication and/or network login totally separate from the typical IRC connection, that stuff I may add in the future to automate the login process.

Anyway if you use windows or want to try out mIRC which is real time chat in channels this might help, you should be using a vpn at the least when joining any irc server. Even today IRC is very useful for watching questions being asked and the responses, learning all kinds of things. Most users there are power users and some not up to any good, you can download my script here and save the file as technique.mrc some place and remember where it is.

Make sure you have downloaded and installed mIRC, then in mIRC you will load the technique.mrc into the remotes script section. Its not hard look for the scripts editor, I believe a shortcut is alt+r and then go to the remotes tab, load the file there using an option in the File menu upper left of app click Load and browse for technique.mrc you downloaded then accept the loading scripts warning. You can also load the file via command line /load -rs path/to/technique.mrc but its more technical, you can always read a files properties and copy the path if you need to.

When the script loads it will automatically rearrange a few things and your mIRC popups will change a bit. You will notice a new set of menus on each particular screen you have active. Again I have removed all the the “dangerous” stuff I use to play with, but the script does have some neat stuff built in that has been disabled. At one time this very same script ran my entire 5 server network by itself, this stuff is not in this current script obviously but it can monitor and react to all sorts of situations. The purpose of scripts in mIRC are to automate or enhance certain features, with this script enabled its like mIRC coming to life. I may be updating this again soon but I do not use IRC much, I just felt like exploring mIRC once again since it was one of my favorite things for over a decade.

If you have installed this make sure to try the update feature, I usually always have a newer version after the initial download so you can experience the system.

Some future ideas I have

  • Database option in MYSQL, store mIRC settings in a remote DB and script to set them back up automatically. Think ‘Cloud” like ability to have each new setup restored.
  • Chess options
  • (ADDED) THE_EYE function re enabled, this tracks IRC users on current network, its already in the script but missing a few elements
  • Dialog options, I removed all dialogs aka the GUI to make settings easier and also more of them
  • Return of the technique lag bar my most famous script
  • (ADDED) Color scheme system updates to be more universal, note there is already a nice function to add them but hardcoded for my own
  • mIRC to WordPress/PHP, make a blog post from saved channel activity or highlighted chat !blog “Best OOP login system” saved chat or highlighted text
  • Return of back channel, speaking in english is not always what it seems
  • Dangerous things, YOLO
  • (ADDED) Some socket bots, probably the most fun thing to me

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