mIRC – arps-bot in technique script

Update Dec 6 2021

I played around with this even some more and now have a fully working dynamic bot with persistent connection. Fully responds to server inquiries like ping/version/time. Made some /commands that are universal if you know basic irc server commands, if not I have put some common functions in some smart popups on menubar and channel windows. The bot is just a clone connection with some basic features, but over time more automation can be made.

Actually the last part I made today was a few checks to see if bot is active/nickname/status and more. This allows me to use mIRC event to automate the socket bot for more advanced features. I made it parrot my text in a chat channel with a smart ass remark almost mocking just for fun and only if I am op with some limits set. With a data set I can then have it almost chat on its own with moods or triggers and appropriate responses, this could be downloaded optionally automatically in the script.

Next I am adding basic channel setup functions and owner protections like the good ol days, like when I join a channel and I am not op and the bot is its only natural it should op me. Maybe it could be mean and only voice me, yea some attitude is fun.

Original post below.

Today I decided to play around with some sockets and created a super simple socket bot for my technique script. Was a bit rusty but in under 30 minutes had an active and stable arps-bot online, this little connection to the internet in the past was a scary little fucker even now with programming can be super neat. I will admit the script is super hardcoded and made just for me, but I am usually complex once I have the basics down. I should install an IRCD to play with these without getting into trouble, but one or two bots won’t generally cause much trouble on most networks.

It will have some starter features if I put it in an update soon, nothing too crazy. My bots are generally super discrete and for the owner to have some fun with. Something new is a lag alert option for the bot if on its own connection, I already have a basic system for the user.

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