Chess – Capablanca has been confusing me.

Lately I have been using Chessable to study Chess theory and in particular a course called “The Woodpecker Method” that focuses on repetitive tactics training. I am pretty decent at puzzles aka tactics or so I thought, on I rate up to 1400-1760 puzzles so far. In this course at the easy setting they are way harder, lots more confusion and positional sacrifices that often do not at first seem correct. Many times on other sites if you see a king check you usually look at that move first and look for following piece wins or the most important thing a checkmate, I kept seeing this name in the match examples “Capablanca” whenever I got one wrong going by my puzzles skills. WRONG!

This guy is super tricky and man I love it, his combinations are freaking scary but end with a position that can win or leads in material. I have definitely been following these past players like Morphy, Bobby F., M. Tal, Capablanca have been studied a bit. Capablanca probably being the most studied now due to this new very long course, the Chessable app is good for books with examples because you get to do them in the app version interactive chess board. I have a love hate relationship with digital books otherwise, especially Chess based ones.

I would highly recommend studying Capablanca to up your positional skills.

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