Chess – Puzzle maniac, can’t get enough.

I spend a ton of time doing tactics aka puzzles, these improve your positions and overall game play due to over time remembering these and setting them up in live games. Often I will do a bunch of puzzles then play against a bot to try and setup a few, not very easy to do and sometimes you can setup another tactic. One tip I have is to do puzzles on different sites or apps, many will be similar but as I have found some will be totally different or with different key moves.

I just hit an all time high of 1809 puzzle rating and 28 correct answers for puzzle rush on, believe on I am about 1400+ on puzzle solving. I have been using a course on Chessable “The woodpecker method” daily and those are much harder due to puzzles being based on actual player games and some are just very unusual. Anyway I was looking at my stats and wondering what it all means, like I study take lessons and do puzzles all the time, but rarely play live games. Most players who do puzzles generally have a puzzle rating around 400 points higher than rapid rating, my rapid is 717 and puzzles 1809 more than double.

What will my rapid improve to the next game spree I do next? I will straight up say when playing bots its barely noticeable, but then I usually play very repetitive lines and very quick. Rapid games I play are usually 15-30 minutes, sometimes a 10 minute or 15-5 increment game. Definitely want live games with enough time to think and evaluate some moves from my training. Anyway check out the stats.

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