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mIRC – More coding in mSL.

I have been updating the technique script even more, adding a simple arps bot in just yesterday and fixing some new bugs during my year 2021 from 2005 version update which was mainly removing 60% of old code. Spent some time reading the entire /help and finding how great my memory is on most of it. I have a feature called THE_EYE and I thought it was broke from time, but now realize it never really worked properly the way I set it up since it was one of the last features from 2005 I believe. Now it will create its own .dat files and store as many files as you want, this is like your own personal seen script that does not work for the public.

Cool things about newer version is no .dll files and any other dependencies. Right now it’s still a single file script, but it was once modular and created a few other files refactoring the main technique.mrc to core code and modules were created from the rest allowing them to be updated on their own. Just plain mIRC scripting which is nice, I am relearning picture windows to create a new lag bar and other nice looking things. It’s totally possible to use picture windows instead of dialogs, not sure that would be smart though. In the past I used a dialog creator then just scripted the functions, problem is most of these do not work anymore so making dialogs is tedious. I figure if I’m gonna do something tedious just do one, I believe picture windows would have a wider use case.

I will admit my code is a tad sloppy and not uniform like I had it once before, this is due to relearning some things. I may run my own ircd and play around on it, reason is I like to play with the bots and I am sure an admin will see me loading a bot net and will not be happy. Since arps is back and has the ability to create endless amount of clones I’m gonna wanna do that. When you think of bot net it’s usually not good as they were made for ddos for most people, I originally made them to counter hackers and other bot nets from the server so they were fast af.

Arps and Eggdrop bots living in harmony. With all the coding I learned in the past few years very surprised I’m wanting to just simply script In mIRC after all these years. I think it’s due to my secluded lifestyle. I may make it to where if people want to contact me for some odd reason they have to find on irc or at least my bots which will look you up and down, safer than email-text-phone. That sounds cool as hell to me.

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