Chess – Lorenzo-BOT 1800 Defeated.

This guy was extremely difficult for me, key moment was a bishop check 26.bh7+ to a discovered attack on his Queen. After that I had to carefully take out his last bishop and two rooks through pinning again and get a safe attack. Basically pinning pieces won this game, that’s my advice for this bot practice pinning a piece for discovered attacks. I could not lose my Queen and the diagonal attacks was basically non stop going through my head, especially when his scary bishop was still up.

After reviewing the game more I could have safely took out his Queen even earlier than move 26 with exact same tactic on move 19. The bot actually castles himself right into this tactic on move 19 and it took 7 moves until I saw it, wow way too slow. I am playing the white pieces, played this on the site browser. The first ever 1800 BOT win and a needed confidence booster because these bots are brutal.

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