mIRC – technique multiple updates today.

Had two version changes today and then a handful of minor updates. I already have some new ideas that will be quick additions and will list them below, noticed a few downloads. Note everything starts very simple.

  1. More custom features for /arps and multiple bots, remote login/auth, channel control features, simple chat ai function possible, mood function
  2. THE_EYE gets its own database with more data and verifications
  3. Uniform script messages, need to be cleaner
  4. Fserv update, simple and basic auto responding capabilities
  5. More socket options, no details but we like data
  6. Stats, more stats for just about anything
  7. Panic mode, auto and manual functions, sudo encryption for .dat files

FYI /arps could spawn 9999 bots right now, but nope 999999999 sounds better?

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