mIRC – technique script update 5.0b2.3

Edit I fixed up THE_EYE function, now shows data from the nick list popup if there is any, plus added new popup options, a few error checks added. Another update now to 5.0b2.3

I have been working on this update for the past few days and really enjoyed doing it, about 25+ bug fixes and a couple new things. If you have the script installed already you can use the update feature in the upper menubar “Commands > technique > updates” and it will auto update immediately for you.

  1. Arps socket clone bot, its very simple for now and has some commands or use the smart popups in channel/menubar. Right now simply your chat buddy, automation is what this bot will eventually be and is more for play really. Note only spawns one clone bot.
  2. THE_EYE this has been worked on but is still beta and missing needed features, right now it tracks users on channel joins when you are in same channel. Over time will allow you to perform lookups on nicknames or hosts, shows past seen data and alt nicks. Right now it simply shows how many entries have been seen but not the actual data easily, missing on/off switch, and limits. Update now has data and new popup options in nick list, is now helpful for you surveillance types.
  3. 25+ bug fixes various, may be some new ones added depending on what network you use. I tried all 5 that are in the connect popup on status screen and all seem fine except freenode due to lag check system, will show a permission message on status screen. Will add a filter for that in future.
  4. Added a few small enhancements you will see, may see more smart messages at certain times depending on things.

I expect another update very soon to complete THE_EYE and properly have it running into a .dat file and not same settings file its using now so you can have larger database. Arps bot will have some customization and lots more features, but be aware running this clone might get you into trouble on some networks even though its just a simple bot.

If you don’t have the script you can download it here, for use in mIRC on windows unless you have a virtualization running for mac to run win apps like mIRC. You load into the technique.mrc file in mIRC remotes, google how to load a script in mIRC. This is for IRC aka Internet Relay Chat.

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