mIRC – technique update, more bot options

Update 2

Added some more .arps commands, these are written in a channel window and show to other users. Arps will only take commands from you, I was thinking of a couple fun and maybe pesky fun options to add for the bot. Cleaned up the code a bit, but I was too tired to post the update. Need to fix a few things, another note I may add a settings dialog very soon, found my scaling issue could be fixed if I changed my windows resolution kind of. My old pic wins still look out of whack, thinking I may need to code some dynamic %percentage x y w h based controls from the original size of the gui, I could then use this same code all over. I am wondering if making a pic win that stacks controls like a CSS Flexbox with align left center right and padding of sorts. You could do new-picwin 500 300, control l, control2 l, etc…

Added some more options for the bot, it now has the beginnings of some automated functionality and you must turn it on and add the network specific channel to work, both must be enabled. The bot now auto ops you no matter what, but you will auto op it too if the protection is on and the #channel is added, you can see this status in the new dynamic popups. More smart options will be added including having the bot kick/ban/slap/msg/other stuff if users are added to a specific action list. I noticed after adding some code that my “recent channels popup” isn’t done correctly by network so I’ll need to fix that, I usually only connect to one network at a time, most other things were coded network specific properly except that.

I had an email about THE_EYE and what it tracks, it only tracks other users who join channels by connection host and adds if its seen the host but the nick is different, it will work on multiple networks. Will show date, network, channel, nickname in a list. It will track the arps bot since it triggers on join events too, how I test it. It’s pretty simple but can be a bit more precise and better made once a dedicated database is made for it, if it stores too many things and cause a slowdown there is a delete all THE_EYE data function in the nick list popup.

I expect to add some bad word, advanced flood protections to the bot. These will work for the user if the bot is not active, otherwise the bot does it and it must be turned on. The arps bot will have some new custom settings, like permanent name/alt nick, clone custom random name. Some persistence in the bot will be added, these are for events like when the bot is kicked and should try to rejoin and if it can’t then an alt action. Custom bot connection, non clone but you will have to identity to the bot then.

I am having issues with dialogs and pic wins not looking correct or sized wrong, this may be just my bootcamp install of windows and scaling, otherwise I would put some dialogs back in for settings. Anyway playing with mIRC scripting again is a nice break from the norm.

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