Chess – I attack my opponent relentlessly

Aggressive Chess Moves???

Normally I am very defensive, but in this game I sacrificed main pieces early to get an opening on his castled king. After my first knight sacrifice it was all attack mode, the pawns one by one attacking until I had a Queen rook connection to checkmate on h7. Again this is not my typical play style, but this position comes up in puzzles aka tactics all the time so I set it up again proving how tactics help even though it was very easy to spot or maybe my opponent didn’t (their last move was totally losing)? I think it’s time to be more aggressive in my games, but notice how weak my king is below and that is a concern. Another reason I may have played so aggressively was the game before this one I got destroyed in a tough match, maybe being a bit tilted is good for me?

I am playing the white pieces.

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