Chess – Opponent ignored my passed pawn, what could go wrong?

It was a tense game, everything was pretty locked up. I was setting up a combo mate pattern but then they moved their Queen allowing my protected b file passed pawn to get within 1 square of promotion so let’s push it up, surely they would back step and capture, NOPE. Their king on back rank same as my newly promoted queen, check, check, mate. Don’t let a dangerous passed pawn go, dangerous meaning real close to your side and able to promote. That b pawn was sitting up in his business for a long time with protection from a bishop. Was a great win, I have been losing a ton today 🙁

Woah further analysis the b Pawn was on the b3 square since move 23 until move 39, on move 38 their Queen moved allowing 39. b2! What are beautiful check mate too, opponent had like 5 seconds left on clock I had nearly 9 minutes.

I am playing the black pieces, hrmm noticing I am winning more as black more lately.

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