Chess – Rapid 10|0 hit 800 rating playing a 300+ higher rank.

First off Happy New Years 2022, we really need to have a good one this time fuck!

I played in the 10|0 tournament that lasts 2 hours on, played only 8 games won 5 lost 3. The last game was this one below against a 1100+ rating that was even for awhile until they had bishop-knight against my bishop-rook, this one turned into a end game and insights say I am my strongest in the end game. It wasn’t a very hard end game due to my opponent overlooking a key bishop defensive move 35. Bxf7, basically mirroring the same tactic they were trying on me and forking his bishop and knight. Of course I took the evil bishop with protection of the king to avoid recapture by their king, aka their almost tactic a couple moves earlier.

On move 16 my opponent offered a Queen trade when I had a bishop attack on his rook, I declined the trade because the Queen was protected and still took the rook and he took my Queen which was recaptured by pawn so Queen-Rook for my Queen-Bishop which is winning as a 13-15 value trade. On move 24 my pawn move was questionable since it allowed a free pawn bishop capture on a h3, I was wanting to setup a promotion earlier. I think my opponent gave me the simple win for final move and it was a quick powerful check mate with rook plus promoted passed pawn Queen. This win is a highlight mainly because it’s my first real 800 rating win. 800+ rated players in Chess are often known as being cocky and know it all. Mainly a joke and funny to announce in pro streams that about your skills “Magnus should have went… btw I am 800+ rated” lol.

Oh in the last week my blitz rating went up quite a bit too, its lower than rapid and I struggled with it before EXPERIENCE and persistence. You will lose games, but when you do stop and look at what you are doing wrong the Chess sites give you info. At first these analysis moves look really crazy, but over time you see how they are picking the best lines aka moves that provide a best position many moves later at times.

I am the black pieces. Check out the game, it’s a pretty standard game nothing crazy but nice end game. Key moves 16 and 35. We analyze games over and over, in fact every time we view again.

PS Chess is the absolute best decision to learn I have made in recent memory, so if you think this looks like random gibberish try to understand it.

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