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Chess – getting my ass kicked, but I am cray cray with tactics

Ok well I try to be cray cray with tactics, my opponent was just oblivious to the repetitive warnings of incoming mate. Why???? Oh yea they were devouring my pieces and up a rook and knight, relax mode maybe? I ain’t resigning this one so that means one of my brain cells see’s mate, yea I blundered pretty bad earlier too 32. Ba4. Oh looky there pawn backs up the Queen for a checkmate. Thats the thing people will often see a threat temporarily, you can make a few “waiting” moves and many times they forget about that threat so then you set it right back up. As I mentioned in my previous post, when you see a big sacrifice something big is coming and I sacrificed my rook 42. Rxc4 to setup mate removing a defender as well.

It doesn’t get any bigger than checkmate!

I am the white pieces.

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