Photography – Exiftool and stuff

I have been using Exiftool for a few years, its command line and super quick to edit/erase/update image metadata. It does take some experimenting to figure it out but once you figure out the basics then its super simple. This is great for when you need to edit large amounts of images, nothing is typically faster than command line. I use it on my Mac, it needs to be installed then you can run it in “Terminal” by typing ‘exiftool’ first for help.

Anyway I will post some examples from my own notes, I generally copy a folder of images that can have many subdirectories and my commands will overwrite all these files, you can ruin photos if this is done incorrectly. I would recommend reading the website to find the many use cases, its super nerdy and detailed.

A great link to many examples

Tips, remember you can drag folders into Terminal to get the path entered quickly, note I use these commands on hundreds of photos all at once. Super fast.

  • Note -r is to recursively process subdirectories
  • remove -overwrite_original if you want a new file made, id suggest putting into a new folder too
  • Overwrite Description, sample of how to selectively write metadata

exiftool -r -Description=”A nice photo shoot” -overwrite_original /path/to/files/

  • Delete all metadata for multiple images even in subfolders, retains color profiles like “sRGB IEC61966-2.1” even with warning showing.

exiftool -all= -r -overwrite_original -TagsFromFile @ -ColorSpaceTags /path/to/files/

  • Delete all metadata for single image file, keeps color profile eg sRGB

exiftool -all= -TagsFromFile @ -ColorSpaceTags file.jpg

I use those the most so I saved notes on them, there is a nice tool call SetExifData that uses Exiftool but has a gui for easier use. It does lack the advanced features though but can make it easy for small edits. I have been sick for almost two weeks now and lots of bad weather making shit horrible. My sickness went away almost instantly when I took a ton of vitamin d3 though, I was so shocked how fast I felt great. Vitamin D3 for the win.

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