Webmaster – Great WooCommerce snippet site

I love snippet sites, either you don’t know how to code or you just want some quick pieces of code to add to your site. I have used this site for a couple of his wordpress woocommerce snippets and then customized them for some sites. If you look through his blog posts you will find some money saving snippets, literally saved you big bucks versus buying a premium plugin. Having straight to the point small pieces of code is the way to do it versus buying expensive plugins. We live in a world where complexity is created to sell products, when in reality the things we want are really super easy to do.

You will have to occasionally update these pieces of code so commenting them with notes is a good practice, sometimes WordPress or Woocommerce does updates and either make these invalid or have the functions built in eventually. Example when you add a code snippet to show “buy again” if the customer bought before add a note that this is above the code like “// WooCommerce buy again notice”, I even go farther myself and create visual sections for code if I plan on having many WooCommerce snippets which duh I do “// WooCommerce Snippets ——————————— “. To add custom snippets you need either a custom code plugin (these create a generic plugin and you add code to it eg. my-plugin) or create child theme and put the snippets in the functions.php file. If this sounds hard it’s not, just do some searches for the topics.

When I do custom code I use a child theme function file designed for my setup due to knowing I wont change my theme but just customize it if I want a new look. I’ll save a bunch of these depending on what my site setup is. For lots of people having a custom code plugin is better, reason is if you change your theme all that custom code will not be loaded if using a functions file in child theme. Another very important note is if the code snippets you add are needed for your website to operate put them in a plugin, like if you don’t have them the site would break. It’s possible some exploit could be made to change your theme or even you might add code missing something like a ; that breaks it meaning your site will error and not show usually.

Website I highly recommend below.


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