Stuff – Coding, Chess, Websites.

I have many interests, but I am keeping myself in constant practice. If I don’t then I will forget a bit of all the crap I have been learning in the past 3 years. Coding wise I just do some practices on sololearn then I am constantly creating new functions since AOS is back up. I am wanting to upgrade my Python skills to the next level, but PHP still does everything I need web wise. Chess I have forgotten a few lesser played opening, but every day I play the bots at a very competitive level, I might even be better now for my skill range of 1000-1800 rated.

With coding each time I take a break and refresh I do feel like the whole process is much faster and I remember much more each time. The bad part is I have learned 6-7 programming languages and some of them are so similar that I will often confuse syntax. I was coding a custom timestamp function in php other day ago and started using mSL identifiers in the code, php doesn’t have identifiers they are just functions with a return value but similar, little mind fuck.

I am running a ton of websites, many just personal play pens, some coding, some wordpress, some joomla, other cms systems, forum software, ecommerce, etc. I will often times pay for the code so I can learn how their systems work. I think I have 3-4 nearly completed programs, butttttt I get close and something new catches my interest. Decent at quite a few, master of none.

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