Internet – Proton VPN Netshield

I have a ton of vpn and proxies free/premium due to adventures online, never used the proton vpn until today. I was primarily interested in trying the NetShield functionality to block ads, this is a premium account feature on a plus plan. I used their email services and really like the slick minimal setup, you name the internet service Ive used it or will eventually. So I added the service which pro rated another couple of years to my email services all in one with bigger discount.

So I got online adjusted the Netshield to max setting blocking the most crap, made sure to reset the connection for new setting to take place. Visit some spam ridden websites which is pretty much most and what do I see? Empty white spaces, no crap, now I have used features like this many times but this was first time with vpn.

So I wanted to know how Proton VPN accomplishes this and find they are scanning all domains as you browse and blocking known ad servers before they serve up the spam across their network using their database. This is how some of my own sites work by using an API to block spammers across a network on any site using it. So say you try to spam here you get blocked here and on all my other sites in one swipe. Anyway I was just pretty satisfied with this feature because its not browser or device specific and is done on the server level.

I like the feature a ton, speeds wise everything seems about normal vpn wise.

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