mIRC – Arps bot chat modes

  1. Switch on/off to chat as arps bot on input, channels, messages, other.
  2. Mix mode randomly speak as yourself or the bot.
  3. Parrot mode, bot occasionally parrots your input altered, various settings.
  4. Bored mode, if the channel is dead arps will complain, tell jokes, or show random liked text.
  5. Web mode arps will scrape some websites for data based on keywords or command.
  6. THE_EYE connection, with permissions set can relay if he’s seen host/ip, user nicks, where and when. THE_EYE is already running by default if using technique script.
  7. Like command by using a special public channel command the bot will save the last response by any user, e.g. !like chatter1, only bot owner.

I did a small update yesterday to the arps socket bot, the next few updates could be really fun and unique. Some of the ideas, most are for fun. This bot could get very interesting once a separate connection feature is added for the pubic script, this would make the bot not be a clone.

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