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Gaming – Diablo 3 Season 26 opinions.

Monk with inna gear, pretty much what most will play to boost their season still. I never got too hardcore into speed runs, but s26 I find myself loving these super fast builds. Using In geom weapon and doing gr75-90 in 1:20 or a little more is actually fun at times. I never realized why this method was so useful, lots more chances to get those primals.

Demon Hunter with marauder sentry setup, I don’t like it at all but its what ill start with. Again I want that fast farm build with strafe but with some kick, working on that.

Necromancer I have deleted 2 necros in the past couple seasons, not even bothering.

Wizard fire blast with disintegrate needs to be faster, it just cant keep up with monks or dh if you do group stuff. Im like “wait for me” mode.

Barbarian, did it s25 and its not for me even though the whirlwind type builds can be fast.

Thats my 3 classes monk, dh, wizard this season. I have had plents of the new echoing nightmare drops despite many complaining about it, but this is due to me spamming greater rifts so much. I went up to 129 on the new event solo so far, think the pylon timing is off on my strategy. I just seem to want the fast builds right now, last season I really loved the dh support build aka zdh, might make another dh for one.

Paragon 849 in 5 days, this isn’t super high but much higher than past seasons. I think ill break into 2k+ paragon this seasons maybe more. Last season I ended with paragon 1876 ish.

If you don’t play diablo 3 I know this seems like gibberish. Funny note I bought this game when it came out in 2012 and didn’t really like it, then years later started getting into how its actually played, you wont need to buy new expansions or stuff like that with this game too.

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