Python – I finally have passion, again!

I have been in a rut for a couple years, nothing really excited me during this period. I coded in various languages, went back to try mSL, played games, got deep into Chess still a bit bored. Then recently I decided to stop messing with PHP as my ‘main’ language because I wasn’t excited about it and maybe take a better look at Python. In 2021 I took a course on Python and learned the basic syntax very casually, but was also learning about 4 other languages at that time.

So a few weeks ago started to refresh my memory on Python syntax and read more books and many websites, this is a daily thing. I started finding out how Python is the language I have always wanted, why because it does everything just about. I was thinking of things mSL did which I got very deep into years ago Python could do on another level. Then I copied some sample scripts and tried them out, man this language can do so much.

I can code a bot easily, make games, make web clients, websites, do tasks on my computers, make my own cloud system, web scrapers with all the fixings, my own stats system running in the background, and well stuff I haven’t thought of yet. When I list those things I am not speaking in future tense, I have either already done them all in the past few weeks or am working on it now. Python is truly a tinkerers best friend, and I am just happy to be ‘excited’ about something cause lately shit has sucked.

Everybody can learn Python and it’s really fun!

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