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Websites – Dark Web Tor Service On Your Computer.

This little article on hackernoon will show you how, easily. Once you can do this simple task then maybe put a full time server up just as easily with php/python etc., well because you want to be different and you are no follower. You will then be able to host your very own website on the dark net with a random string url uj34g5h2g34kj5hg23kj4h5gk2j3h4g5k2hj3g4f5kjhg3.onion type address which can be viewed on Tor Browser. If you install this on a computer your service would be considered temporary since it has to be turned on and Tor/Nginx running, maybe alert your special friends that the “service is now online” and they should have your .onion url. Who knows why you would do this, but I have for quite some time all because I like my own little spot.

Just do it for bragging rights.

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