Websites – updates and system changes on going.

May 24 2022

I will be off work for a few days and one of the days I will upload some more content, I opened the registration for about a day then closed it to fix a small inaccuracy on my end. My main thing was to see how many script/bots would try to fill in some random email, which 3 did but due to verify email and a honeypot they are trapped and I can explore them. While many others run websites and just go with the flow, I am pretty much an extremist on some things. You will notice I did however enable the hcaptcha on my account, this just makes you select an object on two small pages usually.

I will have the Registration back up in a day or two, all who registered and were not denied are fine. I noticed many came back and wanted to see if they could login yet, but none can yet. Everything worked fine so far, I did not say a thing about it being open just enabled it silently. I had a few haters hit me up all mad, but I know things they think I don’t and so they are not welcome here. I really hope the shop is open in a few days and I will approve the newest members and add more.

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