Chess – Light bishop made the winning opponent shit their pants.

Check out my move 31. a4 and look at his two rooks attacking two pawns and my bishop c6 throwing down some D!

I have been playing lots of tournaments past couple days, shit ton of fun btw. I am not playing super awesome, but I made over a 100 point jump in my ranking which is good stuff to me. Anyway during this 5:0 Rapid my opponent got ahead of me by sacking one of my rooks with a knight in mid game, but it came down to his two rooks vs 1 light squared bishop and rook defending against both rooks at same time, was a sight to see. It all happened my only good move in the game to play some pass pawn at the right light squares so his two rooks couldn’t slide down. Finally after this crazy defense he gets one rook down and I make a trade offer doing a check, they blunder and move the king instead of taking the trade. Either way his one rook vs my bishop could have been a war, but with time running out they had to move.

Bishop’s are sneaky AF and can drive you mad defending against them.

This was an interesting defense that only happened due to a few screw ups by me, my opponent resigned with 1:21 left to play with one rook vs my bishop and rook. I am playing black and got a brilliant move on the last play. Good game opponent.

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