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Websites – site features.

I added more info for members on the About page. After a few really nice custom features a few days ago I have been excited and thinking of some more new things. Here is a list of things I am thinking of adding via code.

  1. Custom site user messages, these will show on the ‘My Content’ page, they could have anything in the messages.
  2. User stats, I have made some stats only I see but now may create some new ones for members.
  3. Smart navigation, prev next that knows what you have access to. The WP system has one but its dumb for the private setup as is.
  4. Improvements to current features.

Some of the existing features may be enhanced, I am currently writing a full on aos specific data system to use for all existing aos custom functions. This allows for more expansion easily in the future for my own plugins etc.

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