Internet – Soft White Underbelly Asriah

I have been this man many times and have met a woman just like her way too many times. This is an interesting back and forth in emotions, a rabbit hole worth mentioning. Check out these videos in order form top to bottom (newest) to get the situations better.

Now being a photographer myself and knowing the situation presented in these videos, do you notice anything different about the ‘Video 3’ thumbnail? A photographer or editor can easily spot it, her non best side and/or not edited.

Video 1 can’t embed.

Video 2, we want the best for her.
Video 3, this is the one that infuriates, the boyfriend slash pimp shows up later.
Video 4, a surprise maybe or another manipulation of each other? I could never ever trust her again myself, but I might still be nice if she has something I could use. That’s life.

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