Chess – Update stockfish level 4 draw doh, now win

Something I have noticed before, but just now realized is my Knight with pawn end games are very bad.

Did delete my account to play more on for awhile, I still prefer but I never gave any of my time and donated a lifetime Patron early on. Lichess is highly functional based, excels on the site design, css, and it too has great functionality. Was a decently solid game against ‘Computer Stockfish Level 4’, until a fail on giving up my promoted Queen end game due to a knight forking it on a check move 71. I am playing white, stockfish level 4 is approx 1700 rated.

Note on embeds lichess vs, no keyboard arrow moves with lichess embeds really bothers me. You will have to click on the arrows to play the moves below. Lichess has a replay mode though with ‘Fast’ and ‘Slow’ option that is really sweet, click on the bottom right corner menu to select them, don’t remember that on

Draw below I am white: should have won

Win below I am black: had another draw right after the draw above, so a couple games later got this scary win, but a win is a win.

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