see more from the shoots! NSFW – Content and code

Content is on a monthly schedule generally speaking, I am expecting to export never before seen stuff in the future. There are no videos yet but I may add some in the future, the videos require more setup to be reliable. Lot’s of code on the AOS site is becoming more and more of my own, the stuff generally focuses on security and utilities. I do want to remove some more plugins I pay for and code the functions myself.

Some upcoming light changes:

  1. Kontakt, this is a simple function and I am making a small one for logged in users to just send in a quick message I can read on the site. If I decide to make this fancy you might be able to get a response on the site as well.
  2. aos_video_player , my own video player with hash-id built in and custom file settings.
  3. Other small shit members can care less about.

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