Stuff – Been away for awhile

I have been taking a short break from all my usual activities, a week ago on I did a ton of coding lessons 40+ hours. So many lessons that I was #1 ‘learner?’ on the entire site, yea I would not recommend doing this. Luckily for me most of the courses completed were subject matter I done before mostly and knew the answers pretty quickly, but it’s nice to have a bunch of course completions to my credit. Also found my CSS skills were much higher than I gave myself credit for, thinking it’s just my past laziness with design getting in the way.

Life seems to be pretty rough for most right now, I have been trying to get myself to work harder and waste less time. Other day ago I had some strenuous activity out in the heat and damn I was feeling my age, need to work on that too ‘calisthenics’. Life is a cycle of events, it’s when we start ignoring some repeat cycles that shit hits the fan. I just realized I am on a photo shoot hiatus and have not even opened my camera bags in a very long time, I do this ‘hiatus’ often though but have recently felt the desire to do a shoot soon.

I have a WP project that will be a big deal, but starting it for a general public release will be a decent chunk of personal time. It will help so many people out who run content websites, it’s my own security function that will piss off content thieves for sure but will require the user of the code/plugin to take their own actions accordingly. If you can see the content there will be no way to remove it without destroying the content, it is the content. WP Hash-ID!

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