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mIRC – technique script update

It’s been a few months since I did an update, I have some ideas of bringing back some old features. This will mean I need to rewrite a few small things to make them work with the newer setup. Mainly the use of dialogs for settings, I simply removed stuff that checked if something was selected or checked in a bunch of code and hard coded a default setting. I came upon dialog studio a very old program that speeds up the design process of dialogs.

The reason I removed dialogs was they all appeared to be sized wrong, some options overlapped others. This may have simply been my laptops screen magnification setting, I am not sure. Some changes to picture windows also made me remove them because I wasn’t sure what it was. I found out later it was a simple change in the switches used.

What’s new?

  1. Tabbed ‘Settings’ dialog with quite a few options that were totally removed and allow for many of the features already in the script to have more options. I believe it will start with around 20-30 options.
  2. Arps bot will have it’s own tab in the setting dialog with most options removed from menu and put in there. May be a coupel new things added too.
  3. Rewrite and some old code, this is an on going process. Lots of my old code really just does the job even after 20 years, but there are some new things I haven’t messed with yet.
  4. New security functions, one is a ‘Panic’ option. This will delete all logs/data for all your previous activity, it can also fully remove technique through the magic of scripting. An option to delete things will be added with a recurring time period like every 30 days.
  5. Backup, technique does have a ‘simple’ backup system, I am adding a few new options for you to change.
  6. THE_EYE will have it’s data and new options added to a dialog. This is like a !seen system but only for the active user with auto data adding and stats. Expect a few new options as well.
  7. Simple fserv options, technique had a system in the past with a slots type system. It would send a formatted text file with all files avail on your fserve with. Good thing is this also works with THE_EYE, good for you in knowing who your repeat visitors are and what they have been doing.
  8. Many default script messages might be removed since they will be put into a dialog, but some will be enhanced and a new technique script window will be added for all sorts of stuff, not a debug. I always like to have the script do something or at least provide feedback that ‘things have been done’.

Basically the main thing is the new settings dialog with more options, many that were already in the past script and some new ones. I have no timeframe for this, it’s something I want to play with.

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