Stuff – My hobbies rotate, update.

I have a few hobbies that’s for sure, gaming mostly Diablo 3 has been taking my free time lately. I hit 3k paragon in s27, did gr 150 the max, still haven’t soloed a 150 but my monk or wizard is very close at about 3120 paragon now. Diablo 4 is close to coming out and I’ll be buying a new laptop just for it, surely the gaming will continue.

With that said I have been abandoning my coding skills for about 3 months, this is enough time to get decently rusty as I have already seen. Good thing is I plan for this by adding lots of notes into my project files explaining why I did some stuff. So I started refreshing Python and a few hours later boom, daddies back in vsc coding again.

Photography, well I am still not really feeling it. I shot a ton from 2011-2018 and in this period did nearly every bucket list idea. I am wanting to check out a newer model camera soon, I never should have sold my Fuji x100s I think that camera is the best all around and very compact power users camera. Might look into what’s new or similar to it.

Webmaster, I have cut strings with many to lighten my load and it’s now just personal sites as of Aug 2022. I was silently running some decent trafficked sites for others, but over time the requests would keep growing so I just said I’m out with a nice page of info for the next webmaster to pick up what’s been done. is very slow and that’s because I’m not allowing most people to join unless I know them for now. It is after all my own private site so I need no reasons. Most idiots have ceased from trying to rejoin, it’s been a little fun creating all the scripts to do fun things with the approval system.

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