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Gaming – Diablo 3 s27 the never ending season tips.

Season 27 is on 4 months and no new season info has come out yet, my paragon is 3573 and I have been getting higher on the leader boards on a few characters. My wizard because of mainly game play changes has become the most powerful, the methods are just to spam basically on trash mobs. Overall I have had some fun and done lots of 150’s even being the only damage dealer in 3 and 4 man games on the wizard of course. I have gotten a tad bored in the past few days with the constant paragon grinding, basically every 300-500 paragon I can make some good performance gains in higher GR content.

Wizard – Tal Rasha Arcane Dynamo Meteor Missles build.

Typically the trick to maximize damage is to fire off your fully charged manually pressed meteor when your convention of elements is on Arcane for 4 seconds. Well to get the most of this press your fully charged meteor on Physical cycle right before it goes to Arcane then press meteor again quickly even if your arcane resource isn’t full basically giving you two extra powerful nukes. Another thing about this build is just firing your magic missiles just once and pressing meteor with a decent size mob will almost instantly fill up your resource for arcane dynamo. What I have found is you can basically just spam your meteor on huge mobs and they all die super quick vs firing missiles then doing meteor, so if you ran with a ‘talented’ wizard many are just simply spamming meteor on large mobs. Doing this also lowers your cool down for teleport so you can hop around the map much quicker and reduces damage by 25% if you picked that on teleport skill. Get lots of Area Damage rolls on your gear, like get it to 90% or higher and it’s pretty sick.

So far my best solo GR is 142, but believe I am able to do 150 solo with better map/mob fishing. I have gotten around 2 minutes over the 15 minute time limit already, it’s my previous super bad game play and mob setups keeping me back. Plus some gear stat changes really help, mainly area damage in more places.

Demon Hunter Shadows Mantle Impale build.

I hit 138 GR finally solo, this is a tough build to progress on but have found that by stacking more Area Damage was the key to aoe using fire even and GR 140 is close. I have also made a few new builds using in-geom and not cubing dawn and cubing karlei’s point instead, this gives you more damage without an always active ‘Vengeance’ skill but is a tad more squishy. This new in-geom build helped me to achieve 138 even being less tough so try it out. My fire spec is more for single target and there are better aoe builds with skill changes but didn’t want to grind more gear. Now when you do activate Vengeance it’s super powerful due to in-geom having more damage as your weapon.

zDH I have improved my game play and found ways to lessen lag in high GR games by making changes. zDH can cause lots of lag due to things like mark contagion, use valley instead. Having huge amounts of mobs constantly chain ganged isn’t good either, basically you are overloading processes to calculate constantly on these.

Monk WOL LOD build.

This was the first character I did solo GR 140 on sub 3k para, but hate the game play of this build so I hardly play since getting better on wizard for higher GR pushing. This thing should be able to finish 150 solo if I play it again.

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