Gaming – Diablo 3, XP aka Paragon routine.

You are too slow at finding XP pools most likely, get a route.

I recently hit 4k paragon, but now I am bored.

When you play Diablo 3 and if you join public greater rift games you will see many players with ‘high paragon’. After you reach a characters level 70 you are maxed, then you begin to earn Paragon, this gives you more power and toughness over time. High Paragon is IMO anywhere above 3,000 in a season which last for a few months 3-4 usually. Some players will be way higher than this, 4-6k and more.

Now lots of these players above the 6k mark are straight up cheating in many cases early in the season (3-4k paragon in 2 weeks type of thing) using a bot to automatically play greater rifts over and over, you can spot them easily using the community viewer in the game. I know the name of the bot and other player aids that they use, but for me it’s not of interest to post. Occasionally I have played with these people and it’s super easy to tell because they are not very good for their high levels, they let the bot level them up then sometimes actually play themselves.

Anyway gear is important, getting the right stats, upgrading, blah blah. Paragon is king at the end of the day though and getting it quicker is really not as hard as you may think. After experimenting how to ‘legitimately’ get my Paragon higher I now know the methods which I have touched on a little in some of my other older posts on this site. Now that info is min maxed.

Below is the biggest thing you think you already know, but often times people do not fully utilize the things they know. Here is the way to optimize Paragon ‘farming’, XP pools each one gives you 25% bonus xp, you can have 10 active at once. I know you are thinking ‘I know about XP Pools and they are a waste of time’, but nope you are just too slow at getting them and/or you are not yet high enough paragon level to get the most from them (above 2k). This really does make a HUGE difference, you should learn this even at lower paragon levels it helps despite what most will say.

Check out this older post on Solo Greater Rift Paragon Farming, add that info with fast xp pool routes and your Paragon gain will actually get faster.


  1. Get a xp pool farming route and learn where the xp pools spawn, over time it becomes second nature. Look this up on YouTube, a resource video is embedded below.
  2. Wait now this is a route so going from one area to the next is faster, know what zone is next to each other for quicker routes.
  3. Do this route fast as possible using a speed (or a tad faster) build preferred, due to RNG some games will not spawn many, I can usually have 3-4 pools in 3 minutes, and be fully pooled in about 10 mins. I do this on my slow moving Tal Rasha wizard in quick time too.
  4. Remake the game if not finding many pools and fully pool up or get half and keep topping them off every couple of games to be safer.
  5. Act 1 has the most pools in easier to find locations, Acts 2,3,4 are decent too, Act 4 ‘Realm of Fractured Fate’ is one most over look but can have 3-4 pools on it alone.
  6. XP Pools, Health Well, Shrine, or even a Chest may spawn in these locations. These are clues that can inform you if there will be an xp pool ahead or not.
  7. Run some lower level rifts and no matter what you are getting 25% more xp each game. I run GR 120 in around 2 minutes and level up still and am near 4k paragon.
  8. Each time you have some waiting time pool up, don’t waste it.
  9. A slower alternative with other use being to get more gear, greater rifts keys, is in a regular nephalem rift using your speed builds. You can fully pool in about 3-5 normal rift runs if you pay attention.
  10. Info I am gaining 100-200 paragon every 2-3 days, mixing some solo 120 GR runs with Public group play. With my better xp pools routes it also comes in handy to help group members get pooled up too.

A note there are mods/aids with info on how many pools are on the map, I have not used these as they are against the TOS of the Diablo 3 game. You can be fast without them.

The key take away is get a XP Pool route figured out and learn to do it fast. You can easily have 10 xp pools active in about 10-15 minutes or even faster and start your farming, rinse and repeat.

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