mIRC – technique script in 2023

When I did the last update the thinking was to add some dialogs back into the script to make settings easier, the script has quite a few settings but they are /commands that aren’t all documented. The original version had about 6-8 dialogs so I gutted them all out with the 2021 refactor/update due to many of them ‘not working’ but later found out it was just my system resolution and a few minor scripting changes that were fixed after the fact. Due to lots of other improvements and code changes adding them back in as is would not work.

So I am planning on adding a settings dialog with a few tabs then go from there, not sure when this will all happen but I have been getting the itch. Another thing was the arps bot to have its own dialog with settings, then started thinking I may make this an addon entirely if not using technique script, if using technique script then when it’s loaded/installed the technique script will gobble up the code and add it to the main script file aka a module. I actually had this entire script setup like this back in the day and it was decently advanced and worked well. The issue is occasionally something might cause issues with other code in the same file so it has to be done carefully or to eliminate those issues installed as an addon in it’s own file.

I can code it for various situations, but this is just scratching the surface of what I am planning with arps bot, some ‘replicating’ code was made awhile back and I am wanting to improve this more. Say you are using arps bot and some other person is wanting one of their own the replicating feature would start a small process to check some things out and make sure it’s compatible. Then if it looks good through the magic of scripting and a few lines of portable code would then automatically be created and then made into a file, then a tiny download of the arps bot/socket code, actually there is about 4 ways this can all happen.

Yea the old way is to just send them a link to a website and let them download it, but this method through a private message with the small portable code injection is super simple and nearly instant. The portable code is made to be as small as possible and when using it some parameters are sent which the code sends to my own web server and then creates the file to be loaded. This shit is fun as hell to make, for real.

Of course arps bot should have more features than the current included with the script and it would including a simple file server that arps oversees. Arps bot is more than some simple bot and would have a suite of features.

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