ChatGPT – Finally got to play with it and I am really amazed.

When a coder gets stuck or any problem has you stumped this will get you over the many hurdles that might end progression. This is the key take away for me, sometimes even if I can figure stuff out the time it takes typically is long enough to distract me enough and the project stalls.

Update so I asked it to help me improve my dcscrape and the answers were really good advice, then how to convert to oop style and it spit out a new refactored code that I then tested and it worked with my original pieces of code.Then again it pointed out that there was still issues that could be improved even though it was functional.

During the day I talked with a couple people and asked if they heard about this and none did, then tried explaining how this changes everything and guess my explanation must have sucked. They seemed to care less, maybe not fully digesting what is happening here.

I made an account and got my first session, i asked it to create some Python and then MIRC scripts. The results were pretty good, was amazed that it actually had MIRC scripting abilities. I did not test any of the code yet but from what I see and with a few more questions for more details these can all work.

I def want to be best buddies with ChatGPT AI 😍

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