ChatGPT – Various code projects ChatGPT helped or created for me Python, MIRC, PHP, WordPress, other.

Over the past couple days I played with ChatGPT and asked it to either create some code from scratch or improve, at first thinking the code would be horrible. Well I was wrong and after using it more I now see how to use this a bit better. First when you ask it to create something new in any language it will be very basic, sometimes it’s just a piece of a larger set of functions you will need.

So after the first basic code is written ask it to add more, usually it gives you advice on what you can do too. So let it upgrade or add more of the features you want, fine tune it. You might do this a few times, on average for my smaller functions it was 2-3 more ‘can you show me how’ and ChatGPT will code you more stuff. A note is while doing this in steps the code snippets are in many different sections on the website so you can ask it to put all code in one spot then you can easily use the copy button they provide.

Here is a list of things I asked it to do and my comments of each, keep in mind all the code worked.

  1. Python Web scraper v1.2, asked it what I could improve and it gave about 8 solid tips, it also told me my programming was older style pre PEP8 basically sloppy.
  2. Python Web scraper v1.2, asked it to convert the code into OOP style classes/object calls.
  3. WordPress Post Watermark, asked it to create a full watermark plugin to put logged in user email on every photo.
  4. mIRC Lag Bar, asked it how to get server lag then show it in picture window progress bar with text too. mIRC is older scripting language based off of C language and I was not thinking it would know this.
  5. Short funny story of 3 grumpy men, it produced a story of these guys driving around grumpy and stopping at carnivals, at end of story they were less grumpy.
  6. Python IRC Bot, solid info with modules and code needed to get it started.
  7. Python GUI, something I was about to add to my script and it gave me a small example with use of a module.
  8. macOS help, how to set all .py files to open in Visual Studio Code since there are many ways it gave a few but the command line one was best.

The more I use ChatGPT the more I like it for sure, but man this thing will really affect many jobs. I can see one person using ChatGPT doing the job of 10+ people or more, it’s a productivity enhancer. If you do not know how to code or make WordPress plugins you can ask it to code for you but you will have a slight disadvantage due to not knowing how stuff works. You can however ask it to teach you and it will most likely be a better teaching experience than visiting many websites and searching all over.

It’s straight to the point!

If I was a kid now and this thing was out now I would hope my parents wouldn’t send me to school, the answers it provides with the way I ask the questions will teach me better. I have never believed in the normal schooling methods of a classroom and teacher, it did not work well for me as I was always bored and extremely uninterested. Hopefully something can be done using these new AI tools, I am just glad to have been able to try this out in my lifetime.

I am disgusted though seeing a plethora of videos click baiting how to make money and falsifying expertise to do technical jobs like on fiverr abusing ChatGPT.

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