Gaming – Diablo 3 Season 28 thoughts so far.

Had a couple sessions of play time in the s28 PTR, seems every class is super powerful. We will see if any nerfs which should happen will occur, I made a demon hunter then a wizard. My wizard is exact same s27 Tal Rasha Meteor Arcane Dynamo setup, now with the enhancements due to the s28 Alter with movement aids it’s even more fun to play.

In all seriousness s28 is definitely looking to be a ‘casual’ players time to explore the maximum levels to everything in the game. I’m at 600 paragon with standard gear not min maxed doing gr 93 everything is nearly instantly killed, just haven’t played a bunch on PTR yet. Once the actual season starts it will take a bit longer to open most of the options in the new Alter of Rights, but once a few are open you are already on easy street.

Wizard for instance is even more fun because of passability option, movement speed increase, then using the seal for potion to get random shrine or pylon effect helps probably more than it should. I think this is also a good season to create a wacky all fun build and it might be able to clear anything you throw at it, like I’m thinking of playing the chicken spec for witch doctor. We will also see some seriously crazy fast 4 man 150 clears, solo even faster.

Update made a zbarb due to joining lots of games where everyone is powerful but dies super easy, so that boosted everyone and helped spawned more elites etc.. We were clearing 150’s in 3-4 minutes with paragon of most players just around 1k.

Anyway I’m glad season season 28 will be a bit more casual, I’m enjoying coding and playing a couple other games like sniper elite 5. I played way too much in season 27 too.

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